djvillan wrote:

You're jumping all over the place mate. The discussion is whether the big YT reviewers get paid to do reviews or not. Do they? Yes they do.

No I am not. You're saying no reviewers that have any form of revenue from streams like Patreon can be trusted, I disagree respectfully. Yes, most big reviewers get paid to rate a product somehow (from vendors or otherwise). What I'm saying is, indirect payments from supporters should not automatically make a reviewer a shill.

We get revenue from supporters and do giveaways to those supporters to keep them on board. This does not automatically make us dishonest. If a product is shit, we say so.

Other reviewers, like Trip and Vic get paid, by vendors to give products a good rating. This is unacceptable and should be seen in a different light than Patreon supported

To clarify my point further:

Rip Trippers: Paid by vendors for positive reviews
Jai Haze: Paid by vendors for priority uploads. Paid by a certain German vendor to "promote" a certain fun brand
Vic: Paid by vendors for positive reviews
Zophie: Paid by vendors to "promote" products
Fagan: Paid by vendors to "promote" products on live streams
Bogan: Receives no payment from vendors, relies on Patreon and merchandise for revenue
Shedguy: Receives no payment from vendors. Relies on donations and raffles for revenue.

I've left out a few, but the it's much over muchness