Not really a 'cat' video, but nowhere else to post it, & really made me LOL...

cmj55 wrote:

Do you know know the story behind "Cat Walks Dog" fujii'!

He doesn't really explain other than the quote below, love how she meowed at him when he started going the wrong way...'heel' lol!
I can't find anything else on the story, it was back back in 2013 I think.

DAFNA kopelis
Yes, i did say yalla (tr. hurry*) i saw that she is going to take him, i promise you there was no training involved. Ruthi is a very smart cat , she even comes to me when i call her name. I think since she lives with two dogs since she was a small kitten she might think she's a dog also. Great week to you.

Too funny etcetera, ;o)