TY4LOL wrote:

how can I say this?

part way through a call, your phone battery is getting low
we have to stay 6' apart, but I will offer
"put your phone down and back off, I will lay mine on top of yours and share a charge"
will you handle and bring to your face that which has touched the unknown?
some people don't want dogs touching each other during corona
who's paranoid and who's smart? depends on the outcome 😉

Personally, I wouldn't think twice to use that phone if I needed to.

I don't share the same views as some do nor do I personally concern myself with the social distancing of dogs.
People, yes. Off leash dogs i know, no.

We are fine here.
Not so in the seniors residences but thats due to failure on the way many are run.
It's not here in the general population.
Some of which of course can be put down to the social distancing and restrictions we made but.....well, I believe they have taken it to far but I understand that is not a popular view, here of course even less likely so.

Time to pay a visit to the vets:

I know. One of the reasons I lamented closure of dog parks.
I knew this time was coming and hoped I would get him back in for some socialization before he needed to be snipped.
Poor lil guy.