Awwwwwww. He's so handsome! 🥰

I don't see many Dalmatians but one and whenever i do I think of you MickD.

I will try and take one of Oskar later.
He's presently licking his wounds. (figuratively)

I just brought him in from the park.
He went to play with one of his favourite females, Molly but she had a small black yappy doodly type dog with her who became jealous, I think that she and he were playing so he went after Oskar. He was a vicious little yappy thing.
Oskar backed himself up against a wall but I saw his tail go between his leg and we tried to break it up but the owner couldn't get ahold of his dog, so he kept trying to bite Oskar.
Oskar started to snap at him so I grabbed his harness quickly, to leash him and get him out of there but in doing so I guess i didn't protect him for the black dog came around the back and tried to bite his bum and Oskar yelped trying to get out of my grasp and tried to snap at the dog but we split them up at that point.

So i will have to re-post an old one from Jan 26th a week after he arrived.