gph61 wrote:

Greg_Howse wrote:

I have many good ideas for starting the economy that are sure starters.

There's is only one path to restart any economy. Everyone gets PPE and everyone gets tests.

The new character is already tired btw, your delusional white supremacy just covers it like hot spice on a chocolate bar. It just doesn't work, hth.

The problem with PPE is that people cannot speak to deaf people, because their lips cannot be seen. This is highly problematic. What I recommend as PPE are the thin, clear dry cleaning bags as you can still see the mouth moving. Another highly effective trick is to take regular time to pump the bag mask with helium to help purge your blood. Bottles of helium can be ordered at party supply stores. Just run the gas into the mask, and sit down for about 20min with your favorite book or soap opera.