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#801 (permalink)      4/2/2020 3:17:39 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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viking65 wrote:

lately only last a day or 2 here, along with almond butter but thats kinda expensive.

I made almond butter once but neither of us were keen about it at least compared to Peanut butter.

I do keep a jar of organic natural PB I buy at the store at all times. My brother in law wont buy any as he is a body builder but will have a scoop a few times weekly here. Plus I use some for the puppy's treats. That I can keep. I just cant keep it when I make it fresh so its too fattening to have here all of the time. 😁

*Its not runny when I make it. I have a Vitamix blender so perhaps that is why. It can blend anything.

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Bread yeast is like wicking voodoo. It looks confusing at first but once you get it's simple. This video should get your head around the various forms yeast comes in and why:

If I'm ignoring you it's because you're fallacy impaired. Here's hoping you rectify your problem so that we might have a sensible conversation.
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COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise, research shows
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