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"Love" Songs (& Other Revolving Themes) - You Pick 'Em! (Some Assembly Required)
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#1091 (permalink)      2/15/2019 7:22:00 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Never mind - Back on track.

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fujiibear wrote:

YouTube video

Hello all,

I wasn't going to post today (couldn't be arsed tbh) ;o) not exactly a friendly vibe here atm.
I used to like that B52s too Foxy, & Nafas from last night, was super, second one Tadow was familiar, I heard it at Discord awhile back, nice sax.

Karrin Allyson with Life Is A Groove.

Haha, "couldn't be arsed", you can take the girl out of England...

Hi, fujii, glad you enjoyed the tracks. Nice to hear Karrin Allyson here.

A couple of gentle live guitar tunes

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Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio (Ry Cooder)Epic Guitar Battle from the movie Crossroads