C4, I'm sorry I mistook you for one of the Nazis.

Eric, I'm glad to see at least one person "had a good time" reading the thread.

Flagged the thread and requested it to be deleted. This is the exact fucking issue that happenes anytime "Damascus" is mentioned..... Il take a further mental note to never use that word again here.

And a comment towards Ford vs Dodge, give it 100ish years and they will both be owned by the same parent company. Give it another 1000 years.... No one will care what make or model, it's just a piece of shit that polluted our later generations homeland...

History wether we like it or not, is steadily trying to be erased by our current generations anyways.


Here's the tomato knife

Not "real" damascus, but still a folded steel forged blade. Either made by the Indians on that reservation, or whoever before it found its way onto their land.