Hope my coworker is happy.
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Hope my coworker is happy.
Showed his one of my mini OTF knives months ago and he loved it. Keeps asking me when the next time I buy one to let him know.

His birthday just passed, I didn't tell him but I bought 2 OTF mini stiletto style knives specifically because he's an old guy and likes his "old school fancy" knives(butterfly, switch, stiletto, ECT). I'm giving him one tomorrow when I see him.

They just came today....

And naturally the black one didn't work. Took video and sent them an email, meanwhile I took it apart to try and fix it since I'm getting used to OTF knife tearaparts adjusting mine. Its fixed so far, sometimes misfires, poor QC and small tolerances between parts that caused major failure.

Giving him the white one that works.

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Nice gift and great size for most things

Just a shame FT don't carry any mini OTF's ... or have any shipping for knives these days
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