Depends on the kitchen knife and the technique. If the stone can reach the tip it should be able to sharpen it. I would recommend learning to hand sharpen your big kitchen knives like a 8" chef's. Even though they can reach the angle can change quite a bit. Big knives are actually easier to hand sharpen then smaller knives as they are more stable on the stone.

The Spyderco is a good set and it gives you options. If you want to see the inspiration for the design, look up Lansky croc sticks. ;) It can be converted to a bench type stone as well. It would be good for both large and small blades, but it isn't as guided as the other two so the learning curve will be a little higher. Not much mind you, just keep the blade at 90 degrees and watch the tip so you don't round it off, but it does take some practice.

I'm not too sure of where to point you for sharpening vids with the Lansky, Smith's, or Spyderco. Richard Blaine actually has a great set of vids on freehand sharpening, stropping, and steeling knives. I don't usually watch these kinds of vids, but he gives good information. WAY better than freaking Gordon Ramsay. lol He obviously does not sharpen his own knives at all.