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Need Staff help, DHL Remote Area fee charged in error
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#1 (permalink)      3/9/2019 1:58:54 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Need Staff help, DHL Remote Area fee charged in error
Could someone on staff please take a look at my ticket Q0221KNBNC? The agent I have been dealing told me that my address is now considered a remote area by DHL but has provided no proof this is true so far. My postal code does not appear in their remote area list and I attached emails from both DHL Canada and DHL Hong Kong confirming that I should not be charged the fee. I even demonstrated how the issue likely occurred and showed them how to correct it, but they keep dismissing it and are now telling me to confirm with DHL headquarters. I received a credit but I want to make sure the issue isn't repeated next time.
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Hello Monsoon73,

Sorry to hear about this.

We noticed you placed some orders which were shipped via DHL in 2018, and the address is not a remote area. But when we ship your new order this time, the shipping carrier confirmed back your address is a remote area. :( We have the same feeling as yours when we hear about this at the beginning. So We asked all of our shipping carriers and called to DHL.CN customer service first, then we got the confirmation that your address is a remote area which is updated in DHL system recently. So we have to send message for you to inform about the issue. Hope you can understand.

We will contact DHL.HK to help us double confirm later. But as we ship via DHL.CN, we have to follow their policy and pay the shipping fee for them :( Please feel free to write us whenever you have questions. We're always here to help.