"the reviewers are full of shit. It's good.

I think that because AmbitionZvapeR isn't the most popular reviewer some people got the knife out.

It's good to see it here, hopefully FT will also stock spare bubble glass as it's useless in 2ml mode."

I find Ambitious Vapor pretty annoying, it is the accent. I doubt this selling now will add anything to his success or failure so that is nice. I don't hate the guy or anything silly, just not my cup of tea. The way the cap fits over the deck was also something that made me not interested initially, and the low juice capacity for the size of the RTA. If there was anything at all interesting in dual coil, this would be less appealing, but the way things are right now with nothing new coming out for months at a time, it's now further up the short list. Still on the fence on the pulse AIO BB clone. Single coil just isn't very satisfying for me, and getting 12MG is annoying these days.