God, I wanted to love this, bought spares and all, aside from fitting issues I get leaks if on the side, in a billet or side airflow with stock doors the flow is quite reduced, random leaks in pocket, I'm still fiidling with it to be sure, but it's been a few weeks...I'm still glad I got it

it does have the most dl airflow ever, by far, if I remove both air pins and run it ride open, it's feisty and takes a good size build, but flavor takes a blow of ran like this. I liked in with the blind pin in back and front wide open but I it really sings on mtl or rdl around 3mm. I'm trying not to give up but compared to the pioneer or 520 this just hasn't found a sweet spot for me, yet

Also seems weird that the larger air duct faces forward, so the back duct can be little wet from coil pop on the 2mm insert and much more wide open, this is a real mtl or rdl rba, it is very well built, with spares available and now the shorter 510 pin available, it's definitely worth a try but I wanted to love it and get a few of them, just so well made, finished so well, maybe it'll turn round for me next build