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Could buy it 20$ cheaper in Europe
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#11 (permalink)      1/23/2022 10:35:20 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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RattyRat wrote:

Thank youShipping is $14... oh sorry even better €14 :D so 54€ that's about $61 if google's right. Still cheaper than here or on fff or on any other palces I know but I'll pass for now... but still, thank you.Tho I bought an SXK box styled squonker just now, this month's budget is depleted by now :DI will always think about the Guy Ritchie's Snatch when I vape this, I mean the hun dub"Anci imádja a tetővilágítást, kedvenc színe a babakék"for 22bucks i think it worth it

Is that a boxer clone? What’s it called? (Hand Strength and Weight Lifting in case your interested)
#12 (permalink)      1/24/2022 3:23:51 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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rico300zx wrote:

Is that a boxer clone? What’s it called?

Yes, a boxer clone

"SXK Box Style 200W VV VW Variable Wattage Squonk Box Mod - Light Blue, 5~200W, 2 x 18650 / 20700, 7ml"

Not available here, but a google search will probably help you find it or this: "FFF". Only available in this light blue colour, I think they selling the last few pieces.

Old Fasttech forum link Where they also discuss quality and board swaps. Nothing interesting till page 10.