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2019 stock???
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#11 (permalink)      11/2/2021 12:35:18 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Yes, the description is incorrect. It's not a mech or able to push 280 watts.

It is a dual 18650 regulated mosfet mod, if that helps you understand it. They can vape great with the typical "mech" build, and the pot turned up to half- max.

I can't really speak to this mod, but I do have a couple dual 18 potentiometer "oldies" that still vape great and kick out some serious power - just not 280 watts, lol.
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philipvdb wrote:

It's not a mech or semi-mech. It'a an ordinary pwm or vv mod.

Exactly that on the other link, the title indicates the truth:
"DOVPO M VV II 280W APV Box Mod'' This one should have the same name or the word mechanical should be replaced by "manual" or rotary knob .... in no case a "mechanical mod" even "semi-mechanical" it does not fit in the criteria