"Wait?! People still use RDAs? I mean I haven't used an RDA since 2015 xD"

Yeah it feels like RTA's won.

"Hellvape, move on and come up with something new"

I feel kind of the same, but this is the best the dead rabbit RDA has ever been, the V2 meh, but this one has the most solid improvements.

I think the rabbit thing is stupid, beating a dead horse, pointless branding.

Hellvape without the logo though this looks like a decent RDA, the fat rabbit is a pretty great RTA, and there subtank the dead rabbit R tank is a step in the right direction. I wish they would just do it without the branding I think it would all be better received by the masses. Don't get me wrong none of them are amazing, and run out and buy things, but they are good even by today's standards.

With the way vaping is going I am just glad to see anyone putting out anything in 2021 that isn't a pod, disposable, or AIO.