keep in mind the Abyss is not standard/ Billet Box compatible. If you have an Abyss, that's your jam, though!

Every bridge sits at a different height, causing that 510 nut to be recessed, flush, or proud, all depending on the bridge itself. It you only use one or two bridges, you'll quickly suss out where the 510 nut will sit when tightened, and choose a tip according to that.

The idea you seem to have, the "flared" skirt with a groove around the inner edge to allow for a proud 510 nut, is totally valid, and proprietary threaded drip tips were created for just that reason. Most of the better ones have knurling, allowing you to forgo carrying a dime, mod key, or screwdriver to change tanks, as well.

I use a combination of both, with Mission tips(mentioned above) and KS style tips(sold elsewhere, 5.99/ 24 hour shipping), and standard 510 tips...the Smok tips listed LOOK interesting, though I fear they may be a slight bit slimmer than a Billet nut, though it couldn't be much...I hope if you order some, you or DJ will post a photo!

Good luck, and thanks!