Tony215 wrote:

Holy shit! I made one damn Seinfeld reference.. And this is the madness and hostility that ensues..Lol, So.., MOVING ON.., nobody knows what's going to happen with this missed opportunity mod... Okay.. Oh well.. Hope it comes back.. Anyone have an opinion of the Stratum Balance compared to the Insider sbs..? Or, how about that new Penon mod..?? Its delrin... But kinda, and, why THAT mod..? So many better ones out there to clone.. (Cough.. Hellfire Shadow..cough...Palm Plus..cough..)

I know Tony, you would have thought that you made some long winded tyrannical assault on the BBC or something...I don't know.

But, this mod? It's probably history. The mod has been run, the molds, programs, and jigs on the manufacturing floor have all been changed, and something else is being made now....

Maybe they will recoup enough money to make another run, but they will have to wait in line until it's Thinkvape's turn again. They definitely don't do their own manufacturing- their output is far too sporadic.