The_Masteres wrote:

I Guess those who have the Ulton use the 1mm airflow may have a better experience with this atty.

But why coppervape does not include it, I don't understand really. Is it so difficult to produce ? I don't think so ... Maybe to sell a v 1.2 later ?

According to FT's and other sites listings it comes with three positive posts. One comes pre-installed and the other two are included in the spares bag.


Material: 316 Stainless Steel + Glass
Capacity: 4ml (19mm ID / 22mm OD)
Fireplace exchangeable: 12mm, 13mm and 14mm
3 bells interchangeable different (12mm pre-installed)
6 holes to control air flow rate adjustable to different
3 different sizes of the positive post with airflow (pre-installed one)
Filling system for liquid adjustable Control
510 threading connection
22mm overall diameter

Can either starman112 or piffpuff confrim how many positive posts this Coppervape V1.1 comes with?