djvillan wrote:

carrion4worm wrote:
Cold Steel 120 doesn't need a "killer", they die fine all by themselves.

2020 R.I.P. black

2021 R.I.P. silver

Decent mods, wouldn't buy them again though...neither made it to over 5 or 6000 hits...

As far as this junk kit, hell no. Maybe just the mod for some, but who would release a drip tip like that?(watch the video, lol)Drip tips are a dime a dozen. Only a clown like Mike Fakes would complain about a loose drip tip when he, like many of us, have plenty 810 drip tips. Remember he is the same clown that swore black and blue that the Requiem squonk mod had no door magnets.

If the drip tip is ignored, what else did OBS ignore? Sometimes you gotta think a little deeper...