SambaBugatti wrote:

Another cheap Mod which will look terrible after a few Months....90 mm high, why? The Battery is 70 mm, why do they need another 20 mm around it? It will look awful with a 22mm or 24 mm RTA, because it is more than 26 mm. I had to visualize it like this because my first Instinct was: It looks nice, it is cheap, buy it. But it would be just another Mod lying around after a few Weeks.

A 90mm mod with a tank won't fall sideways in your jacket/shirt pocket and dump juice everywhere, unlike a 'pocket friendly' device, different people/different preferences and all that.

Totally agree with you that it's just another cheap disposable mod though - I'd consider one if I didn't already have a bunch of similar mods that hardly ever get used. At least the price seems realistic - hopefully it won't be limited to battery voltage output but I'm finding it harder each day to get excited by mods like this, so I haven't bothered looking...