Wylie wrote:

carrion4worm wrote:Wylie wrote:carrion4worm wrote:A 4s means, basically 4 cells. 3s? 3 Cells. multiplying the advertised mah by it's "S" designation is how we've done this for yearsNo soup, or calculator needed.Show me how you calculate the battery energy than, with your "6400 mah".Herehttps://how-to-calculate-energy.com/examples/battery.html

What do you want to know? Are you being serious or trolling again? This is a DNA 250c with a 4s LIPO. It has to be charged via usb. I has roughly 6400 mah, basically making this a mid-sized lipo mod. It is VERY affordable, though the lipo is a cheaper variety than JDMods, or Nasy, or Phoenix, or Boxer use. I only own two lipo mods, as they are usually quite large, as Lipos are big. Now that we have 5000 mah 21700s that handle 20 amps, Lipos have serious competition.

But don't trust me, of course. Just contact any of the above builders for latest brands and availability of different size cells. I'm not trying to re-write a book that's already written, Wylie. I know how far 6400 mah goes....I used lots of dual cell mods with 3000 mah cells (so, 6000 mah) like 30Q and LG HG2. I'll never use this mod over 100 watts, and it will hold some of my big rtas. Again, the price is great - which is the biggest reason to buy this. The chip and battery alone are pushing 120.00!