Finally arrived, after a longer than normal trip. I will cut to the chase and say the vape is quite similar to the V1, with maybe a tad more airflow in its largest setting (rdl inserts are separate purchase). Don't expect any big surprises, but it's a good vape with a few changes...

The included drip tip is too narrow, and matched with the MTL sized chimney neck, causes slight slurpiness and juice may need to change it, depending on your set up.

I also see why many broke their tanks...but I love the ability to slide the tank up and off after removing the top cap....nice touch. Also nice are the two grooved channels above the juice holes, allowing the chamber to be as large as possible while providing room for wicking. All my o rings fit and work well out of the box, and popping the entire tank off to access the deck is a quick twist.

The air inserts work well. I have no issues with the inserts, but they could be knocked out when cleaning, so pay attention. All of the four I have fit fairly well, and only come out if flipped upside down and shaken 4 or 5 times....nothing serious, but not secured with an o ring or anything. All of my experience tells me this is a close 1 to 1, and the laser etching on the side and bottom of the deck looks legit.

Biggest flaw so far is a slightly small drip tip recess...many of my 510 tips are too's a real struggle on my Skyline. Aftermarket coppervape tanks fit perfectly.

Flavor is good, wicks need to be thinned, and overtightening small wires will snap them easily -- some observations after 2 builds, lol.

Is this a Monarch J3S DL? Not even close.
But it's good, can't imagine an authentic being any better than this 23.00 atty.