Morris68 wrote:

I've had an IPV 200W Auto Squonk for a few months now and am mostly pleased with one exception. From the description it's the same (or very similar) board & controls. Have had no battery drain problem (and I do leave my batteries in the mod) but I have one problem with the joystick control. It works perfectly under Novice (Wattage) mode and is fine for TC with one exception. The joystick does everything it should except for changing Mode (Soft, Normal, Eco, etc.). I have to fiddle with it almost endlessly to change the mode. When I do get an acceptable mode I do my best not to change it.

Was tempted to get one of these but the problem I described, plus the fact that a number of Pioneer/IPV mods I've had in the last few years haven't lasted all that long, led me not to!

The battery drain probably takes a couple weeks, actually. If you leave the batteries in it, put it on a shelf and don't touch it for a period of time, the device will drain your cells. You will notice it only under those circumstances...but, dont forget when you go on vacation! You'll come home to two drained cells...I mean, Dead!