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Thanks Gatok. I’m a big fan when it comes to Kayfun. I’m big on flavor and love the way Kayfun models deliver it. I’ve owned Kayfuns from 2014 when I mouth to lung’d until now. The only 2 kayfuns I have not owned are Kayfun Prime and Kayfun Lite 2019 as my vaping changed to restricted direct lung. That is why I was extra excited with this Kayfun model and the fact it may cover restricted direct to lung. Thanks again for your suggestion. It does look like a great RTA. I will have a look :-)

Did you ever get the kf 2021 lite? If so did you mod it, and how was it after modding?

I just ordered one for my wife, finally. I will try different things with it, and post any findings I may encounter here.

I received this one yesterday. My reason for ordering this is my 2019 lite would not work on my Aegis Solo because of the nylon air control in the center pin. I like a more open mtl draw close to rdl. Mtl isnt just tight draw, its also the smaller chamber and length of the chimney that influences flavor.
The way it came its a very tight draw, even fully open. I took my dremel and cut off the top of the air control screw so only threads remained. It opened it up a good bit. After the mod its borderline rdl, but you will be inhaling a long time. I doubt it will be possible to open it up to a DL. The size of the opening under the coil is rather small and it will be the choke point that will be hard to enlarge. If you get past that you could drill out the base and the opening under the deck. But if you do that you will also have to drill out the juice flow holes in the deck as the decreased suction will lower juice uptake and result in dry hits.