XDM45ACP wrote:

carrion4worm wrote:Ryno619 wrote:Thanks for the review, looks like a winner.BTW, is your strawberry coconut macaroon a DIY? Sounds delicious!It is delicious! It is made for me by the co-owner of a local juice distributor, but is closely based on Dinner Lady's "Strawberry Macaroon", adding a touch more almond and a touch more coconut. I like Dinner Lady more, but they are 20.00 a pop for 60ml. D.L. refuses to even make 100ml bottles, which means a lot of wasted plastic...I hate that.I have the PEI tank in the photo...that is not the stock P.C. tank. Also obvious in the photo is the gap visible on both sides of the Boro tank...This is an anomaly of the YFTK version only. They mistakenly made the Boro cut-out too wide by 1.5mm, creating the gap, and making the battery compartment wall very thin. Not really too much of an issue except when using some integrated drip tips - it takes a second to line up the Boro so as to not cross-thread it. You can actually see the Alien somewhat "crooked" in it's pocket in the above photo.Really enjoying the Alien so far!Hey C4, where the heck do you buy your Straw. Macc? I pay $6.99-$8.00... It's My ADV too.

Hey man, isn't it delicious? I still buy it occasionally, but I hate wasting all those bottles, I go through so much! I surely wouldn't mind knowing where you get it cheap, however...I did see it today for 14.99 at a place and ordered 4 bottles. My buddy found a recipe online last year and I mainly buy that in 500ml bottles.