I have been a big fan of Temp Control for a long time now. I have SS strips for my Mesh Deck on the Aromamizer, I still haven't tried them yet As I'm still waiting for my new decks. I'm going to try TC with mesh once the new decks come.
I have tried Ni80 strips & Kanthol strips I prefer the Kanthol strips so far. I'm hoping the SS strips work well in TC?

As of now I have Aromamizer Plus's Zeus X & Kylin M all on mesh & this Siegfried is out performing all of them!
One thing I have noticed is the Siegfried use's juice like crazy!

BTW the SteamCrave SS mesh strips are a lot wider than the Siegfried strips, I guess I can just trim them down?
For now I'm happy with the Kanthol strips that came with it :)