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Highly Underpowered Mod!
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#21 (permalink)      3/12/2022 11:11:03 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Of the few dual 18650 Chinese mainstream manufacturer mods I've bought in the last few years the Vaporesso Luxe II has turned out to be a good one. The Axon chip is pretty decent and, like your old Tesla has boost circuitry and can output 9V. Things like Pulse mode and Smart TC I've never bothered with and are bollocks IMO, but the DIY menu still has the standard stuff and it functions well.

The only reservations I have is it isn't a lightweight so pocket carrying may be an issue, but there are no sharp edges so it is comfortable. There is a dumb vibrate function that turns it into the vape equivalent of a playstation dual shock controller any time you adjust anything (that can be turned off) and a dumb adjustable keylite function that lights up the Vaporesso logos and the haptic buttons, but they can be switched off or dimmed.

It is quite a decent mod as dual 18650 mods go and, unlike the Argus GT will have no problems with 120 Watts with the right batteries. It has never been cheap compared to other dual 18650 mods but the build quality and the Axon chip are decent enough. Vaporesso still list it on their site so it looks like it is still being produced, but now it is over a year old it is finally becoming available in the sub $50 price bracket if you shop around.

The last 3 Vaporesso dual 18650 mods I've purchased (Switcher, Polar and Luxe II) are still alive and fault free) but it seems Vaporesso have got into the habit of dumbing down the specs on their site so I have no idea if more recent variants of the Axon chip are good, or if they've done a Voopoo.

I recommend you have a look at the Luxe II - it stands no more chance of hitting 220 Watts than I do of achieving unassisted flight but it will have no problems maintaining 120. Its quite a decent, overlooked mod - but some of the colours are shit lol.
#22 (permalink)      3/12/2022 1:38:24 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Of course, it is our responsibility as vapers to research our purchases. Seemingly gone are the days where we could trust listed information, and even worse/ more telling is the current trend of leaving vague specs, or no specs at all!

I so agree with this! Very well put.

I'm out.....have some fun. Eh?