That's what I got for my kylin. Both work fine.

I was overzealous and ordered like 20 mesh coils specifically for the supreme v3 too. I'm hoping they will work on the Kylin! Haven't tried yet. But I imagine they will work on it as well.

EDIT: Yeah the steam craves will work on the kylin too. Both that I use on Kylin are:
HEIGHT 6.8 mm
WIDTH 16 mm
So as long as you have these dimensions it will work.

I also hadn't tried mesh long after it became popular and tbh am very happy that I decided to give it a shot. I re-use coils maybe 3-4 times, so I use one coil per month and dry burn/wash it once per week with new cotton. Remember to wash SS316 after dry burning to a red glow because SS produces some toxic molecules at high temp which are dissolved by water.