I hear you, and honestly I am just rusty. I had my dual coil build memorized to the last bit and was very fast. Last night I played for like 40 minutes making a perfect dual coil on the postless, and it's just like supreme v2. Nothing that I needed to buy. I can get back in shape but it's just not worth the extra effort for me unless I really, really want to chug massive clouds, and I am OK with just decent clouds from a single mesh.

As for heat, I think that really depends on your wattage and the density of the cotton. The way I build is that it works really well at 40-45W for a somewhat cool vape, and that's what I love anyway. I am guessing if you make the cotton a bit more thinned out at both ends it will handle a lot more wattage (the mesh coils themselves are rated for 50-80W so I am vaping them below the minimum suggested, haha).

I am sure I can get more flavor out of the supreme v3 mesh with a highly-concentrated and more steeped juices, but I compared it to kylin with the same juice bottle and the kylin is just better. As expected from such a short atty. Supremes are too tall and that side airflow is doing it no favors.

Oh, and the kylin is way easier to build on. SC decks are still modular, tiny pieces that you need to individually attach to an atty. Then if you pulse too much it can even burn your fingers if you touch the deck. And the space for the cotton is TINY. It's just not a good design if you ask me. Not to mention how prone it is to leaking from the bottom. To me, this design is already ancient and obsolete. Kylin is just better-designed for actual, practical usage and low effort.