This was the only mesh I have tried. I might have to try that Kylin Mesh now.

I didn't find it to be as flavorless as your saying. My issue with it is that the wicking needs allot of fiddling with it. The cotton from the coil is so massive for the wicking ports so you really have to trim it way way down.

Then once you do all that mesh has no heat to it, so it didn't feel like I was vaping. You exhale vapor, but it's just not the same it feels like nothing.

Does the Kylin have any heat to it at all?

The dual coil takes me no time to build. I know exactly how thin I want my cotton, and how long to cut my coil legs so it's done fast. Maybe 10 minutes for a rebuild as long as there are no weird burn in issues.

I use a different method for cotton then I see most people using. I take tweezers and pluck the thick spots on the ends until the thickness of the cotton is how I like it. Then I cut the really loose strands that stick out so it is even across it.