I am guessing that Kylin Mini has even better flavour than the M. Might even get one just out of curiosity but mesh decks are so convenient that I just don't feel like I'll ever go back to normal claptons. Kylin M is for sure a perfect choice for a pocket atty, it requires a lot of effort to make it leak, like totally messing up the cotton.

And this is coming from a person who has 6 or 7 Steam crave atties. I've been using supreme v2 for years before the kylin. I have 3 supreme v2 (black,gun,silver) and previous models too... Used to make dual chimney clapton coils and they worked gloriously, but there's always this chance of the cotton not saturating correctly, or saturating too much with the tiny juice holes SC tanks have on their decks. It was a lot of fiddling and I still did it but DAMN I am just tired of this effort. Particularly the chimney coils that required me to stick the cotton and then attach the coils after that, lmao. I then just used the postless deck normally but even that requires fiddling.

Mesh is far too convenient and it just starts chugging vapor as soon as you hit the button at wattage as low as ~40W, so extra battery too (versus dual claptons at 50-60W and more).