That won't change anything, I use the biggest grill at about 50% closed so it won't really make a difference. The side airflow is what makes this so bad in combination with the small surface area of the mesh itself. I don't know what I expected, I guess I was just optimistic.

Which is why the postless deck produces better flavour - it's two bigger coils. The steam crave flavor at its best is still just about "good" but it's never been the best and never will be until they design a 100% bottom airflow atty with a shorter chimney.

Just compare something like The Troll RTA to a dual-coil supreme v2/v3 and the troll will always blow it out of the water completely. Sadly, the troll is prone to breaking and leaking and I am 100% done with spending 30 mins - 1 hour on building tanks every week. With the Kylin, I build it in 5-10 mins and it's done. No leaking, good flavour, good build quality, easy to refill, short profile and bubble glass. I am also not going back to slow ramp-up times and do not like pre-heat gimmicks. The mesh coils start chugging vapour nearly instantly without any preheat and I love that.

The length of the chimney combined with 100% side airflow just makes for a crap experience when it comes to flavour. Otherwise the tank vapes like a champ.

I'd say only get this tank if you plan to use the single or dual coil decks. Look elsewhere for mesh.