Finally received the atty and as usual, the machining and quality is astounding. Steam Crave really make the most well-made tanks.

But the flavour from the mesh deck is non-existent. Cannot sense almost anything, it's like vaping unflavoured juice.

Once gain I am convinced Kylin M is the best mesh atty out there. It's the easiest ever to build and the flavor - while not the best ever - is miles ahead than what this one produces.

I am not sure if the other decks would be any different, but the mesh deck is just an utter disappointment. Also a bit harder to build on it due to the unique deck design and the limited space on it.

It's funny as I'm vaping the same juice from both Kylin and Supreme v3, both mesh decks, and you'd swear the supreme one is unflavoured juice.

If this had decent taste then it'd would be up there with the best because of it's impeccable quality and great, buttery smooth vape production.