Hi Anniepan.

Will FT be listing the Dvarw MTL FL 24mm rta with the 3.5ml, 6ml tanks and 12 airflow inserts?

Dvarw MTL FL 24 Style RTA.

Pre-installed AFC inserts 1 x 1.2mm.
Comes with 11 PCS Spare Air Inserts:
4 PCS single Hole: 1 x 0.8mm, 1 x 1.0mm, 1 x 1.5mm, 1 x 2.0mm
4 PCS dual holes: 2 x 0.8mm, 2 x 1.2mm, 2 x 1.5mm, 2 x 2.0mm
3 PCS 3 Holes: 3 x 0.6mm, 3 x 0.8mm, 3 x 1.0mm

Comes with 6.0ml tank (pre-installed) and 3.5ml tank (spare).
Available in stainless steel or black finish.

Thanks in advance.