karlos1989 wrote:

I mean fare enough a little Rba but a fucking RDTA on top of a pod! no wonder iv NEVER bought one! There all a cash grab! To china...Start making more 21700 mods dual or single and more RDAs and RTAs

Well said that man!

The truth is, that unlike standard pods (i.e. the sort that largely replaced the little cig-a-likes, which certainly are useful for getting smokers to switch), these things aren't aimed at existing smokers whatsoever. They're simply viewed (by China) as yet another 'trend' for the witless to jump upon and generate profits. Last year it was an avalanche of pods. This year, it's larger capacity and higher-powered pods re-dressed as AIOs.

At the end of the day, I think people can choose to vape whatever they like - it's none of my business. But in my eyes, things like this are just a f*cking nonsense.