Gatok wrote:

Crispycritters wrote:
The 2 spaces for inserting the wick look pretty big. Try wicking as normal then experiment by packing out these spaces either side of the wick with a little extra cotton

Thanks. I've tried every possible wicking method without luck. When the liquid reaches the middle of the tank it starts to gurgle.

It doesn't matter. The Tripod is a bit over-engineered for my liking, too many pieces, which makes the cleaning process tedious.

Gurgling is usually a vacuum issue, Check your O-rings. I had to be very careful putting mine back together cause of O-ring fitment.
I had to lube up both the rings & part to get them together with out moving the O-ring out of place :(
There are 2 between the AFC & the main deck piece that could easily go out of place & not be noticed!