Molchi wrote:

May i ask where you got that info about the 4ml from since i never heard anything like that in any forum?
If our German Customs will open it, which so far in my experience rarely happens i think the bigger problem would be that it is a clone without any CE-Certification, german instruction manual and that stuff. How often this happens nobody will be able to say, especially when from the 1.7.2021 on the the 22€ importtax exemption gets removed, which leaves them with tons of more work to do.

I think the only thing that's going to happen after 01-07-21 is that every package customs takes in their hands there's going to be taxes to pay. It's impossible for them to tax them all. In the six years that I ordered vape stuff from outside the EU I never had any package confiscated by customs. Never needed to pay impot taxes. The only packages that I had to pay import taxes have always been none vape stuff.

With that said I prepared myself a bit and ordered a lot of stuff I needed (or should i say wanted) and now I wait and see what happens after 01-07-21.