I just fixed one I had, in his instance a clone Zeus X that had its inside chamber falling down. I have tried with this one a half dozen times and gave up.
As a last resort I exchanged the bubble glass for the straight one.

No idea why it worked but I did that with an authentic that was doing the same thing about 4-6 months ago. Once I put in that straight glass it stopped doing it as well. Time will tell how long it works on this clone version.

The authentic still works 4-6 months later but was about to be trashed before I tried that one time with the straight shape glasss.

One more authentic to try it with tomorrow.

Doesn't make any sense to me why the glass shape would make a difference but in both cases I got 2 perfectly working atomizers again.

They were going in the trash today. I had given up on them but thought I would try what had worked before, assuming it was coincidental last time.