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Is this Aluminum or Titanium?
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#21 (permalink)      2/9/2020 12:09:18 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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vape8ion wrote:

That little Manker is strait up bling air.

Back when I bought it it was stupid bright for something its size. About 1600 lm and about the size of a 26650 battery.

Since then I bought an even smaller light (Emisar D4) that puts out around 4000 lm.

Needles to say the 18350 cells don't last very long in either of them.

My D4 is identical to the blue one in the pic below. vv

EDIT - Btw, you can get 18650 batt tubes for either of them to make them more useful.

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I just need one more flashlight. Just one. Honestly. :D
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+1 details
Thanks for the info on the massdrop light and Mateminco because I had no idea. As far as the brass goes I really didn't care for the brass lights that much untill I got the small Lumintop Ant in brass.

Like you I like the Manker brand so I got the Timeback in copper but the darn thing tries to pull my pants down to my ankles so it never gets used.

Now it would be nice if some company would start making small lights in true solid Bronze.

BTW cilika, D.Q.G makes a few small brass lights you should check out and they even have a small 10180 battery charger.