Nice write up, and I agree in many ways. in fact, this is the only mesh atty I use on a regular basis. I consider it a mtl styled device, but as I tell anyone who will listen, your draw is up to you....I tend to "MTL" all atties a bit in the morning, and gradually go to DL as the day goes on.

I know Allen from Damn Vape pretty well. When a large portion of the first run of Mongrel rdas had Cap fitment problems, he payed to open all unshipped packages, insert new O-rings, and re-seal the package. Not many Owners would do that...

I'm trying to get him to let me design a squonk mod for him, and there's a possibility of a 22mm squonk rda next business quarter. Keep an eye out, good products from an up and coming design team!

I got a bunch of Nitrous rdas yesterday. It vapes super, and yeah, their "matte black" has a Reload Vapor/cerakote look and feel....seems durable.