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Review of the Intense Mesh MTL RDA
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#1 (permalink)      8/22/2021 8:06:40 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Review of the Intense Mesh MTL RDA
I have the Glaxies, the STNG, the 1928, BSKR V2 and also a Holic RDA so I would say I have things to compare with as far as MTL RDAs go. For short I love the Intense the most.
Build quality is excelent, and the black paint seems to be durable. I use it almost daily has no wear on it.
It is innovative, mesh strip in an MTL device is not a common thing. Did not bother with the building too much, just dropped the included messh strip between the clamps, cut a huge strip of cotton, put it behind the mesh, put back the PEEK part that holds the cotton in place, tighten the screw until you feel a little resistance and it is good to go, used it for about a month before I needed to change cotton, but I still use the original strip. I have yet to test this with non manufacturer stips, have a few here but why should I change the original if it still satisfy its purposes.
I listed mesh as a con too, just because I cant use my cheap traditional round wires in this RDA and the strip what the manufacturer made for this RDA is hard to find and pretty expensive considering what it is. But you probably can use loads of other type of mesh strips if you willing to do some trimming and stuff.
Should mention that with the included strip my Pulse V2 reads 0.17ohm, so yeah hopefully I don't have to mention you can't just use this with a mech with whatever batteries you found lying around under your bed.

Afc is you turning the topcap. Also they included a peek adapter. The peek as 3*1mm holes in it, have never used the RDA without it, why would I. AFC wise I use the 1mm hole which is the smallest, so it is very restrictive, Some would say "proper MTL draw". If you like it more open you have plenty of options, not to mention you can choose not to use the peek adapter.
As you can expect from a mesh RDA it has awesome flavour and good vapour production. Yeah, I could sing songs about how good the falvour that comes out of this RDA. My first draw from this RDA was like DAMN BOY! Why didn't I found this atty sooner?
I started vaping this at 25W that was too much, too hot, then 17W that was not enough, so 20W it is. But these are merely preferences.
As a con I could mention that it also eats through a huge amount of juice, but you should already know that if you ever used mesh. What am I saying, you probably here for MTL stuff and there is no other mesh MTL rebuildable. For reference 5-6ml juice in my Dvarw gets me through the day, but this... this eats 10ml or more.
Speaking about cons. This RDA gets hot fast. Very hot if you chain vape it. So the included drip tip didn't work for me because it was too short. On the pic you see this SKU 9740726 or a version of it and works like a charm.
And finally the biggest con is the gurgling. I don't know if it is condensation between the peek and the top cap or I just over-squonking it. or maybe problem with my wicking, but time to time it starts to gurgle. It doesn't seem to ruin the flavour like in an MTL RTA but its sound is annoying. Haven't found any proper solution. Time to time I blow in the drip tip and wipe what comes out from the air hole.

Overall I love it. I learned to live with the hotness and the occasional gurgling, and have a nice sleek, RDA with awesome flavour. I would love to see a v2 where they fix the gurgling or RDTA version but that'll probably never happen considering how "old" this RDA is.
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Nice write up, and I agree in many ways. in fact, this is the only mesh atty I use on a regular basis. I consider it a mtl styled device, but as I tell anyone who will listen, your draw is up to you....I tend to "MTL" all atties a bit in the morning, and gradually go to DL as the day goes on.

I know Allen from Damn Vape pretty well. When a large portion of the first run of Mongrel rdas had Cap fitment problems, he payed to open all unshipped packages, insert new O-rings, and re-seal the package. Not many Owners would do that...

I'm trying to get him to let me design a squonk mod for him, and there's a possibility of a 22mm squonk rda next business quarter. Keep an eye out, good products from an up and coming design team!

I got a bunch of Nitrous rdas yesterday. It vapes super, and yeah, their "matte black" has a Reload Vapor/cerakote look and feel....seems durable.
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