I don't agree with your statement, but I understand the argument.
While the atty is under pressure the air will travel a relatively straight path, but the velocity at which you apply that pressure can change that path drastically. Then when you add other variables like coil, wick, liquid, condensation etc., any of these small variations can create a hell of a lot of turbulence, which in turn leads to a poor vape.
It's also good to remember that heat is being applied at the centre of an RDA, and that after a draw or two the internal temp of the RDA is going to be hotter than the cooler air being drawn in. Now you have intense heat at the centre, a hot internal chamber, and cool high velocity air rushing in through the airflow. The cool air you are drawing in is denser than the air in the chamber, this is why the path is not a straight shot up towards the drip tip. The air must make contact with either the coil or the airflow coming in from the opposite side of the RDA in order to change direction.

With this RDA it's a tough call, I'd have to have it in my hands. The airflow on this one seems to be off-centre. That's not a bad thing, but it does generally mean you have to put more thought into the build and wicking than I like. If the price ever drops around $15 I'll buy one and get back to you :)