There has been a resurgence in mtl rtas possibly due to the popularity of pods and AIOs. The latest mtl rta to hit the scene is the Millennium which provides many airflow, post and chimney options to suit most mtl vapers. Here is my review of the Ulton clone of the Millennium rta by The Vaping Gentlemen Club from Italy.

Straight out of the packaging the first thing I noticed is how tall this rta is, 58mm from top to bottom not including the 510 pin and 44mm high not including the drip tip. Tank capacity is 4ml and measures 22mm od x 27mm high x 19mm od. The drip tip is a three piece item, the mouthpiece screws off from the stainless steel base connector and the black delrin section slides off from the inner tube. It has a 2.7mm straight through bore and measures 9mm od at the tip x 20mm high x 11mm at the bottom. Top fill cap takes about 4 full turns to screw on and off and the edges are extremely sharp. Knurling on the top and the afc ring is fine but still grippy.

Accessing the deck in order to build on is easy. The base comes apart by lining up the two tabs on the jfc with the two notches and simply pulling the base off, similar to the Tripod but much easier. The chimney threads into the top cap. The deck is easy to build on, suitable for micro coils no larger than 2.5mm id. I used a 6 wrap 2.5mm id Ni80 mtl fused clapton which came out to 0.95 ohm resistance. There's no need to thin out your wick ends as the wick holes are generous, just cut the wick to the width of the deck and place the ends in making sure the cotton covers the entire juice hole.

Three interchangeable chimneys (12mm, 13mm, 14mm wide shaft holes) plus three interchangeable airflow posts are great inclusions and work well with the 6 way adjustable airflow holes on the afc ring. Depending on your selected configuration the draw varies between super tight mtl to loose mtl.

Included in the bag of spares are o-rings, post screws, replacement delrin post and 510 insulators, and a U shaped tool to disassemble the base in order to be able to change the airflow post. Unfortunately no spare glass tank is included in the package which is a con imo.

Others have said they have issues with the o-ring tolerances, air still coming through the afc closed and flooding with the jfc closed. The o-ring tolerances on mine are good. Air does get in with the afc closed but with the jfc closed no juice is fed to the wick. I've refilled the tank fives times in the last two days and experienced no flooding or leaking.

The quality of the machining and overall finish is excellent on this 316 stainless steel rta. Flavour for me is very good but not great. Up against the Tripod, Taifun GTR and Kayfun Lite 2019 rtas I rate it third behind the Tripod and the Taifun GTR.