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#1 (permalink)      3/3/2021 6:59:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Items missing
ATTN: Anniepan
I ordered 4 of these on 12-20-2020. When I received them they was missing the replacement tanks. I created a ticket #Q0126VFWST. They said they would send them in my next order. They were forgotten by the warehouse. So I did another ticket #Q0218NHCVB. She said they would positively be in my next order. Well they was missed again. I also sent out Atleast 6 messages to remind them about the tanks ticket #Q0303NMSRG. They offered to send them in next order but I want them sent solo so they get shipped ASAP. 2 times this Tanks was missed. Maybe with your help the 3rd time is a charm. Like you
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Hello Skinny62,

Sincerely sorry for the trouble caused. Yes, it is really our problem that forgot to send the tanks for you.

Your new order is waiting to be shipped now, I have asked our warehouse to add the tanks to this order, and asked our staff to send a ticket for you. Please kindly check. We do thank you for your patience.