TheAtl wrote:

This may sound strange, but have you tried sucking harder?

That would probably work, and it's the sort of advice I normally give to people having various sorts of trouble with a clearomizer. Dry hits? Close down the airflow and/or suck harder. Flooding (other than from refilling)? Open up the airflow and/or relax your draw. When the coil+wick is what it is, those are your choices.

Thing is, with an RTA, you (usually) have the opportunity to adjust the device to your vape rather than having to adjust your vape to the device. I'd hardly imagine the wicking that works best for my 0.8mm draw and higher-PG liquids would be optimal (or even suitable) for someone who prefers a 1.8mm draw with 70+% VG. Principle's the same, though - the combination of the wick's ability to transport liquid and the difference in air pressure need to be in proper balance.