Like Lucifer_dreams said...

The coils you can put in this will never fit in any version of Steam Crave aromamizer. Yes even the 41mm. I have that as well. You will get good flavor because of the large juice holes feeding the cotton. Also giving you a better control over the air flow than the larger 40mm version is a plus.

If you understand you are not buying it to put round wire in it then you will find that it is a pretty good at home RTA. Cloud Bros that enjoy fancy coils will enjoy it as long as you have the cotton to spare.

This is a very good Tank, so easy to build and work on came very clean! 11 ml too much for me, very good flavour great clouds for the clouds Bro, machining spot on I don't like the drip but you change it up. I also am finding that you don't really know how vape gear you have acquired, over 7 years until you have started to pack it up to Move so the mod it is on is the only one big enough I still have unpacked, until a later time.[img][/img]