I can understand those that comment in regards to it being of a Steam Crave aromamizer style but unless you have owned the Voltrove understanding the difference would escape you. The Voltrove is designed for giving the user the ability to use larger exotic coils. It is the main reason for the larger juice holes.

I had the original Voltrove 40mm and it was very well built, heavy in fact. Yes this tank might not be for everyone but from the looks of this clone it appears to be well made. The 510 sticks out enough. The only thing that I find as a minor flaw is the fact they didn't change the post to address the issue of larger flat exotic coils twisting when tightening down. Not a big deal if you are use to adjusting your larger coils to the twist.

The coils you can put in this will never fit in any version of Steam Crave aromamizer. Yes even the 41mm. I have that as well. You will get good flavor because of the large juice holes feeding the cotton. Also giving you a better control over the air flow than the larger 40mm version is a plus.

If you understand you are not buying it to put round wire in it then you will find that it is a pretty good at home RTA. Cloud Bros that enjoy fancy coils will enjoy it as long as you have the cotton to spare.