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unknown mosfet
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#1 (permalink)      9/26/2019 8:13:10 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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unknown mosfet
I've just had in one week my Topside my old screenless luxotic and my luxotic with the screen all stop working all due IMO juice on the chip, this has happened to some of my high-end mods, and worse they killed the battery its like the MOSFET stayed on but at 5 or 10 watts, and this takes the battery down to the 100s way beyond rechargeable, caveat to this is I've noticed the same thing with 100% mechs I think a drop of juice got in between the 5/10 and the firing plate letting a tiny amount of current jump over? so even if I really want this gorgeous mod and I find the 18350 by Vapecell gives a decent vape if build [coil]right, im not ever buying a squonk mod again unless the board is sealed, take note China, seal those chips

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#2 (permalink)      11/2/2019 2:56:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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mine just died on me after using it for ~2 months even though i've sealed the mosfet with a layer of nail polish. Forgot about the underside though... man.
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Just another price of crap from sxk there billeted box boards are crap aswell they don't last long either

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