carrion4worm wrote:

. There are good atty clones that I think you would like, with excellent quality, like Fatality M25 or Juggerknot RTAs. Check em out! The quality is much better.

Hey man thanks. I am about to order the taifun GT4 from here. The one that's stainless with the 5ml and tall metal covering. I really don't like the tall metal covering the glass... I was thinking of getting the 3.5ml version but that's not enough capacity for me.
But I hear it's one of the best single coil attys out there, and even can be used with dual coils but I wouldn't.
I still can't find an rta that I like better than the Bravo by Wotofo. I have 3 and found them on wetvapes for 5$ a piece. They aren't clones either. They check out.
I don't really like the looks of the juggerknot rta's. But I'm checking out the fatality.
I've stocked up quite a few rta's and mods since I've joined the DIY scene.
The Bravo, 2 Zeus x and 1 clone Zeus x, 2 zeus x mesh decks.. The Creed. The Blotto, 2 prince rba's. A tfv8 cloud beast rba.
And I'm waiting on a few orders. The profile M. The profile unity. The destiny. The taifun GT4. I ordered a few rolls of 80,100,200,400 mesh. I have a shitload of coilology spools and other spools of coil wire, plus I have stocked up 40 bottles of my favorite juice. And 40 of another favorite juice. . I'm stocked up for the duration. I ain't playin lol hopefully all of this will last me until this bullshit is blown over...